Business continuity is essential to your success and that is why our business is built on values that ensure this continuity is preserved. Our three key values – consistent, contemporary and configurable – are not only integral to the way we operate but are also at the heart of our solutions and ensure a focus on continuous improvement is in everything we do.

Xuber is Consistent

We are a dependable provider of specialist insurance software. We share our values with our customers and strive to offer a consistent level of excellent customer service and support. We have also maintained a level of consistency in our software; both in its superior functionality and in our commitment to improving and enhancing it.

Xuber is Contemporary

Inspired by the past and built for the future, the latest Xuber solutions are built on leading-edge architecture, inspired by more than 40 years’ experience of delivering software solutions to the insurance marketplace. It isn’t just our software that’s next generation; we ensure that we are aware of innovation in our customers’ businesses and the challenges and demands faced by the market. This ensures we deliver suitable solutions to our customers.

Xuber is Configurable

Not every insurance business is the same. Xuber solutions can be adapted to meet your specific needs, giving you the flexibility to project the uniqueness of your business while benefiting from having a single, widely used product. This will increase your operational efficiency and lower the total cost of ownership. Not only are the solutions themselves configurable, but our componentized architecture allows you to implement the parts you need at the time you need them, ultimately giving you the power to configure a solution landscape that works for you.