Upgrade & Migration Services

Xuber Upgrade Methodology

Whether your business is upgrading from an existing Xuber software solution (e.g. Iris or Genius) or migrating to Xuber from a third party system, the Xuber Upgrade Methodology will smooth the transition so you can carry on with business as normal.

This proven, single-solution delivery methodology provides a recognised, scalable approach to system upgrades based on best practice, consistency and reducing risk. We will work with you to determine the scope of an upgrade to the Xuber platform assessing the impact of changes, identifying configuration settings, determining test requirements and supporting you on the ground to perform the upgrade.

Upgrade Studio

As an integral part of Xuber Upgrade Services, Upgrade Studio is an application to control and automate the migration process, from both existing Xuber systems and third-party systems to the Xuber platform. Upgrade Studio assists in three ways, enabling customers to analyse source data, plan a migration and then manage the migration process.

With Upgrade Studio, routine data is automated, allowing more time to focus on complex data. The task of migrating complex data is often underestimated causing projects to run over time and budget. Upgrade Studio provides certainty of timescales and simplifies the move to the Xuber Platform.

Our Expertise

We recognise that migrations can present challenges, so we combine the tools, in-depth industry knowledge and technical skills to ensure an effective and efficient transition. If your strategy doesn’t fit a standard migration, we have the expertise to provide innovative processes that yield successful results - even with the most complex migrations.

To find out more or to talk to someone about your upgrade or migration needs, please contact us on +44 (0)20 3604 3333 or email us.